Dante and the Lobster by Samuel Beckett

The Hotel by Tim Beckett

Ohiowa Impromptu (chapters 1-4) by Roger Boylan

Fragment of a receipt by Breyten Breytenbach

3 Days in a House of Domination by Kathe Burkhart

Lord of Beasts by Bonny Finberg

Julius Caesar at the Bus Stop by David Kingsbury

Lola, Unbound by Denise Lovett

The End of Drug Culture by Hannah Maltwood

Taking the Plunge by Mark McCawley

Try Mongolia On for Size by Larry O’Connor

I am having coffee with Barney Rosset by Allison Leigh Peters

Unable by Matthew Van Deventer

The Secret Door by Carl Watson



The Unborn by Anne Babson

Couched by Michael Bazzet

Cosmos by Jason Braun

Measure of a Man by Jason Braun

Hobo Messiah by Jonathan Dick

Acquistion by John Farris

My Streetcar Had Desires by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

The Wolf Like Bent Sheep by Paul Fox

More’s the Pity by Daisy Friedman

The Proper Fervor by Robert Gray

Alphanumerica by Rob Hardin

Waste of Culture Waste of State by Kathleen Hellen

Broad Ripple Sketch by Jonathan Holleb

Communist Habits by Lauren?iu Ion

The Jailbird’s First Flight Attempt by Nick Kolakowski

Suburban Ambush by Ron Kolm

Tasting by Sandra Larkin

Travis Bickle in Alhambra by Dennis Mahagin

Standing Between a Foot Fetish and a Shoe by Jerald Matters

My North America by Peter McNestry

Age of Quarrel by Dustin Luke Nelson

Rumors About a Movie Trailer for an Underground Classic Being Remade by Dustin Luke Nelson

Famous Numbers and Then There’s Me by Edward Nudelman

Colour of Conscience by Ralph Thompson

Jeff Koons by John J. Trause

Beckett  by Bob Witz

from Deepwater Horizon, Part 1 by Daniel Wolff

Capacity by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright


On the Road to Long Island by Shiv Dutta

A Silly Country by Lee R. Haven

Girls who look like Boys who look like Girls (The Gender Interview) by David Huberman

Waiting for Wame by Elnathan John

Forgotten Brooklyn by Kate O’Connor Morris

Nigeria: The Money Country by Ron Singer



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