Evergreen Review founder Barney Rosset was working on the Evergreen Review ceaselessly. He died in March 2012, and this selection was among the work he selected for future publication.


Dr. Dark lives under the 8th Avenue Bridge.

He uses banana peels as currency
And rules the roost of the underground government

When he speaks in his language the officers grin
The sun on their badges blinds the innocent
While he continues singing his disco daze hymn

His disciple named Spoony dances rhythms of praise
To the thumping rubber tires on the tired cement
Cuts off the ears of those rats inclined to kiss but not stay

The others they follow at the heels of his pants
On mules made of steel meant for groceries
Lifting dirty hands to a misspelled cardboard gospel

When all of them gather round the table to eat
It’s always Dr. Dark in the middle
And the rest sit beside breaking soup, drinking tea

I wonder one day when they take him away
If they’ll nail him to a wall on the windowless floor
Where he resurrects twice daily at dusk and at dawn


Jonathan Dick is an award winning writer of both poetry and prose from Birmingham, Alabama.  In addition to creative composition, Jonathan also works as a local music journalist covering the indie and metal scenes.