Welcome to Evergreen Review. You may have noticed a few changes. This humble foundation for a new site, launched to coincide with Barney Rosset’s memorial service, was built so you could join in the effort to build a permanent digital memorial to Barney Rosset’s life work.

Evergreen Review was arguably one of the most influential literary magazines of the 20th century. It introduced America to some of the most important voices of its era–from D.H. Lawrence and Henry Miller to Samuel Beckett and the Beats to Lorca and Neruda and authors in translation from around the world. It is time to preserve that work for posterity.

There is a lot of work to do, but the first step is simple: the storied past of the Evergreen Review needs to be digitized, and that’s where you can help out. Now is the time to donate what you can to project. It’s easy. Just click on this link, and fill in the form.

When completed, all that work will live here on this website, and serve as a resource for scholars, an inspiration for writers, and a treasury for readers.

Beau Friedlander, Interim co-publisher, May 9, 2012