Insects among the fruit. Black widow spiders.

Drippy faucets. Tomatoes.

The pretension of nationhood on a grand scale.

Nobody’s discussing.


Don’t think too deep. Don’t ask questions.

Yet he wouldn’t say “One nation under God.”


Perky breasts! Arm wrestling tummlers!

The most graceful mind, snowing pearls in every direction.


The work of the devil. Other people don’t have souls.

Acceptable facsimiles of what he thinks.


True memory or reconstructed what-you-wish?


This door is a Band-Aid!

And he’s gradually being drawn into the real world.


Toy boat. Little bunny rabbit.

The philosophers. The poets.


The point is

No tools are needed on the ant hill except your mind and your memory.


Lois Kagan Mingus has been a member of The Living Theatre since 1988, appearing in dozens of productions in New York, Europe and Latin America. Her work, Refugee Camp Shtima, received Honorable Mention in the Lamia Ink International One-Page Play Festival. She also is the co-founder of The Living Theatre Workshops. In 2004, she was a guest panelist at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum’s meeting in Minnesota. Lois is listed in Who’s Who in Entertainment in America.