send me to the town’s


bruised core


to the late-night girls

caught out by the early sun



an implosion of grace


and the last owl           tunnels home


the first magnolia opens



let me find


alternative routes        lived-in dioramas

souls dyed in red iridescence


fag-ends attached to the mouths of brothers and sisters




like a born prodigal             I walk


through kaleidoscopic patterns

that bedazzle paths


that keep halving              quartering



curled up in my hand           a message

stains and smells

won’t rub off

persons unknown            read to me



amputations of sagas washed up on a beach


Iain Britton, well-known New Zealand poet has published widely in such magazines as Agenda, Stand, The Reader, Warwick Review, The Wolf Magazine, Nthposition, Blackbox Manifold, The Tower Journal, Scythe Literary Journal, Leafe Press, Horizon Review, The Literateur,  Reconfigurations, Harvard Review, BlazeVOX, Drunken Boat, Zoland Poetry, Upstairs at Duroc, Jacket and the International Exchange for Poetic Invention, Moloch Journal, Anything, Anymore, Anywhere, and The Black Herald Press and Poola US poetry journal. Oystercatcher Press (UK) published his third poetry collection in 2009, Kilmog Press (NZ) his fourth in 2010. The Red Ceilings Press (UK) published his ebook 10 Poems in 2012.