Sure, take the hospital and make a condo
Luxury spinoff FUBU* movement
Track your tears on the typhoon index
Cry me a river, bitches, and get up in arms
I see you where you live hero decay alarms
America printed on a mirage
Strife grifters on the runway strafed
Momma said the thrifty thrive
Vigilant is visible, make your sign
Strike force under spring fire
The Shins are playing tonite
Let this poem bite the hand of darkness
Spokes of the sun spinning backwards

*For Us, By Us

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright has read in many New York City venues including the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church, the Bowery Poetry Club and A Gathering of the Tribes. He is also an impresario (regularly booking events at La Mama), musician, artist, critic and eco-activist. A long time publisher, he ran Hard Press and then produced Cover Magazine from 1987 until 2001. His collection of sonnets, Triple Crown, has just been published by Spuyten Duyvil Press. Currently, he publishes Live Mag!